Grey's Anatomy's Caterina Scorsone on Amelia's next step

Caution: This actual tale incorporates top spoilers by means of Thursday’s episode of Gray’s Anatomy. Learn at your personal possibility!

Wonder, wonder, Amelia Shepherd survived her mind surgical operation. then again the query is still: What’s subsequent?

Despite the fact that the street to restoration used to be tough right through Thursday’s episode of Gray’s Anatomy, with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) even to begin with fearing one thing went mistaken — as a result of virtually the whole thing in her lifestyles prior to This actual has! — she can be cleared to head house. Although Amelia used to be in a position to set Owen (Kevin McKidd) loose, not sure of the place they stand in view that he used to be obviously going to finish issues while he came upon approximately her tumor, she does certainly pass house with him. Are they getting again in combination? Or will Amelia’s attainable character changes have an effect on which? EW became to Scorsone to get the inside track.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: While had you first heard approximately Amelia having a mind tumor? What used to be your response?
CATERINA SCORSONE: I heard concerning the merchandise by the use of Krista Vernoff. She gave me the heads up. My response used to be like, “Oh my gosh, in fact!” [Laughs] There used to be an enormous lightbulb over my head. “In fact! The whole thing is sensible presently!”

Do you assume that they had recognized approximately This actual tumor tale line for a whilst in addition to constructed to This actual?
I don’t realize. I’m looking to, on function, keep out of which procedure. Because the actor, I need to now not realize what she doesn’t recognize. I don’t need to take the thing aside too clinically. I attempt to stay the thing in a zone of what Amelia might most probably be considering, like, “How lengthy has This actual been taking place? Which portions need to do with the tumor in addition to which might be simply me?” the thing’s really easy to make use of what’s happening, as a result of Amelia might most probably be in a state of a large number of puzzlement in addition to deep wondering.

the object does appear to respond to why she’s made such a lot of impulsive selections up to now.
the thing does make feel! You’ve been with us all of the method for the reason that Personal Follow, in addition to we all know which Amelia has all the time been This actual wacky, wild lady, then again she hasn’t been erratic in This actual method till just lately. She used to be the lifetime of the birthday party, on the other hand once more, she used to be running a software, she used to be very sober, in addition to she labored having a sponsor, in addition to she labored her steps. The type of conduct which used to be taking place from the ultimate season or used to be now not sober conduct. One thing used to be off. Yeah, when you’ve been with Amelia because the starting, you’ll be able to see which she’s wacky, then again she’s were given a heat to her. She includes a consistency in addition to a coherence in her values which all at once used to be going in all places. She may most probably say which she sought after something in addition to then do just the other — she proposed in addition to then ran away by the use of the wedding as even though the object hadn’t been her concept from the primary position. There used to be bizarre stuff happening in addition to the thing wasn’t in line with Amelia’s character, in addition to the object wasn’t in line with Amelia’s values. So all at once the whole thing does appear to make much more feel understanding which there used to be an exterior lead to of a few of This actual.

How other will probably be This actual Amelia? Are there important changes in her character in upcoming episodes?
We’re nonetheless running which out at this time. We’ve simply stepped away by means of This actual massive trauma of finding a tumor in addition to having a tremendous clinical intervention, so there’s the character changes of simply going at the side of having continued a trauma like which in addition to having modified since you confronted one thing so excessive in addition to so frightening in addition to gotten in the course of the merchandise. Up till This actual aspect, Amelia’s most commonly confronted the mortality of all the other folks which she liked — more than a few other folks whose lives she had no regulate over. In This actual state of affairs, the object’s her personal mortality which she’s dealing with. Most likely for her, the thing’s a large second relating to having a special dating together with her concepts approximately lifestyles in addition to dying. then again which stated, the center of her can be nonetheless her. She’s now not going to transform a special individual. the object’s now not which they got rid of functioning portions of her mind. They got rid of a benign tumor in addition to made room for her not to be suffering from all of This actual loopy chemical interference. the object’s extra approximately restoring what is going to be certainly Amelia in addition to taking away what is going to be synthetic, somewhat than a few huge character amendment. She’s now not going to get up in addition to now not just like the books, presentations, in addition to folks which she appreciated. She’ll nonetheless be Amelia, she’ll simply be tumor-loose.
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May just This actual be an absolutely new starting for Amelia in addition to Owen? would be the merchandise the same as beginning over for them?
I feel the thing probably may well be. Principally, we’re urgent the reset button on which dating. She has given him the chance to step away, in addition to they’re making an attempt to determine what used to be actual in addition to what wasn’t. As time is going on, in addition to the preliminary worry in addition to trauma falls away in addition to her bodily restoration improves, they’re going to have a chance to undoubtedly take a look at each and every more than a few different in addition to see what used to be there, what is going to be there, in addition to what will have to be there from the longer term.

Do we then see Amelia bonding with Megan [Abigail Spencer]?
You haven’t noticed the standalone episode, proper? the object shall be a large one. The standalone episode shall be episode five. We will be able to see Amelia in addition to Megan’s dating spread a bit farther from the following episode. Megan in addition to Owen may have a few interplay concerning the dating. the object shall be additional explored from the following one.

might be which why we’re seeing This actual flashback to Megan’s abduction? shall be Amelia getting the whole tale?
the object’s extra of an adventure having to do with the tale approximately Megan in addition to Owen. Amelia’s from the object in addition to there can be dialogue of the connection, on the other hand which episode unquestionably makes a speciality of their early dating in addition to their lifestyles in combination prior to we met Owen.

How will This actual amendment her dynamic together with her sisters? She even discussed Meredith all the time idea she used to be loopy, so what does which dynamic appear to be shifting ahead?
I don’t recognize! I’m certainly looking forward to them. On the center, Amelia loves Meredith such a lot in addition to she loves Derek, in addition to Derek used to be the whole thing to her. Meredith has all the time been This actual connection to Derek, in addition to she needs to be circle of relatives with Meredith, she needs to be just about her, she moved all of the approach by means of Los Angeles to lend a hand her deal with the youngsters, so she needs to have This actual closeness. For one explanation why or any other, she’s by no means been in a position to have which with Meredith, so expectantly This actual will, in many ways, melt Meredith’s emotions approximately Amelia. Perhaps shifting ahead they have got extra of a shot of certainly being the sisters which Amelia so badly needs to be.

How does This actual amendment her pressure at paintings? Will she battle in any respect in her restoration?
She’s certainly going to be worried approximately what her capability can be going to be after the surgical procedure. For someone who is going thru one thing like which, clearly, the worry of cognitive results may most probably be massive, particularly for any person who can be in reality a neurosurgeon in addition to has noticed a wide variety of items move proper in addition to pass improper. So I no doubt assume which’s going to be at the entrance of her thoughts as she will get again into her scrubs in addition to is going again to paintings.

would be the merchandise a laugh so that you can rediscover This actual personality?
Sure, the large stability will probably be simply going to be working out what used to be affected, while the thing began off being affected, in addition to which portions have been altered or modified through the surgical operation. Additionally, in a extra delicate layer on most sensible of which, which portions have been altered in addition to modified through her revel in, which has not anything to do with the tumor, the thing has to do having an individual who encountered utterly new knowledge, utterly new demanding situations, in addition to won utterly new viewpoint in lifestyles, in addition to how which’s modified her. Either one of the ones elements will have implications for a way she movements ahead in lifestyles. Once more, we simply don’t recognize the place one ends in addition to the more than a few different starts.

As she’s finding all of This actual, can be there a continuing for her, any person who can lend a hand her get re-focused as she’s figuring the thing all out?
which’s some of the advantages of a large adventure in other folks’s lives: Other folks rally. She unquestionably has noticed a large number of reinforce by the use of everyone. All the docs from the medical institution display up for her in addition to are there to give a boost to her. She without a doubt seems to be to Owen for convenience in addition to fortify, he’s surely nonetheless an enormous determine in her global, in addition to her sisters. Beneath which, she surely has a chance to peer how all of the docs of the clinic are there for her, in addition to the object for sure might be a circle of relatives in a extra palpable method than she’s unquestionably skilled prior to. developing positive which’s great.

Gray’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at eight p.m. ET on ABC.

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